Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dear Diary Sunday....

Well, on Friday we all got called into the office to be told that the company has no idea what is going to happen to our department. Our "numbers" are in and the enrollments are WAY down, we are losing money like crazy, and we are not bringing in the companies as they expected. Our boss has no real answers, as he is not sure where the future is, but advised us that we might want to keep our eyes open and start looking elsewhere. Gee, what a great message to be told at the beginning of the weekend AND right before a holiday. Now I need to decide what to do from here. I can either start looking for a replacement job and "jump ship" or take this as a my company is using the "economy" as an excuse to really clean house and keep those that are good employees and I can try and ride out the storm. It just sucks because I REALLY do not want to have to stress over this right before Christmas. I have been REALLY doing well this year and have had a great "spirit" and I don't want to lose that. Oh, and let's top that off with the fact that I am going to need to take care of my Mom when it comes time for her surgery. FUCK! I am not sure what to do!!!! The one thing I DO KNOW is that this is just eating at me because I hate having to worry about money...HATE IT! And I don't want to have to put any extra burden on my husband and make his stress level go up. FUCK! I hate being an adult!!!!


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