Monday, November 24, 2008

Dear Diary Monday,

What a busy and crazy weekend! Friday I got home, was not feeling very well, to discover that we had a "possible" sick dog. Dylan took Coal to the vet and he "might" have a bacterial urinary infection or have a form of diabetes. He is on antibiotics for the next two weeks and then gets to go in and be tested for diabetes.

Saturday we got up and got some shopping done, did a bit of looking around for Christmas and just enjoyed the day. Oh wait, I did forget to mention that before we left, I got THREE PHONE CALLS that irritated the holy piss right out of me, so the day would have been PERFECT except for those phone calls.

Sunday, the day once again started with an IRRITATING PHONE CALL and then we got to relax a bit. Then we headed over to Dylan's folks house for Thanksgiving brunch and it was WONDERFUL. His Mom is such an amazing cook and we just had a really great time. By the time we got home, we were both exhausted, my left ear was hurting really bad, and I was just ready to go to bed and start the work week. Hopefully this week won't be nearly as irritating.

Okay, and let me just add this....if you went to see "Twilight" over the weekend, it is okay to tell people you liked it/disliked it, but for Christ's sakes IT WAS NOT A LIFE ALTERING EVENT THAT REQUIRES YOU TO DISCUSS IT FOR FOUR FUCKING HOURS! And if that was a life altering event for you, it is time to kill yourself.....


At 7:03 AM , Anonymous Toni said...

It wasn't life altering for me. But it should be for the make-up person for the film, they should be fired and banned.


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